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This article from Violeta Wings, is a soft read to understand deeper her purpose and mission in life as she experiences life as it comes, allowing the mud to let the lotus flower grow in the darker sides of the pond. Transforming your life while complementing and supporting with knowledge, healing and techniques suitable only for each person as we are all unique.

Always maintaining a safe healing and sacred space Violeta will walk you all along side to shift into a new version of yourself, as long as you are committed, it's all about perspectives. Have a read! Enjoy!

Honouring you and all around us.


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Secred Senses Method

Unleash harmonious shifts in your daily struggles with Sacred Senses with a fully free 3 to 6 months program with 1 weekly session.


We inmerse in a deep understanding of who we are at a heart, mind, bodies and spirit connection through techniques, mindfulness, coaching, and holistic methods that will bring understanding, tranquility, connection, action, plans ahead, support and true essence.

If you are choosing to begin a journey of self-discovery, this is the write place to be. Erasing limitations, hardship, drama and frustration of your life by opening to new perspectives?

This Method has been created in 2014 and began as a massage relaxation experience. connecting specifically our senses.

Today Violeta brings all her life experience, gathered knowledge an studies through great healers, counselors and facilitators along with deep work with the shadow, mirror laws, access consciousness, crystal therapy, aromatherapy, energy healing, yoga, pranayama breath, mantras, mindfulness, an integrative holistic method that works as a complementary assistance to our bodies, mental health and life. A fusion of our daily western life with some East and West techniques ignite a sense of purpose and connection with your Self.

Violeta tailors each session based on what you are open and ready to work on, is fluid, calm and a safe space, sacred space. 

This is free of charge for the duration of the Method and Violeta has only limited spaces. The energy exchange is Commitment, feedback, testimonial and truthful authentic communication among as allowing you to be who you are without limitations.

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One on One sessions 

Individual Private sessions may resume back at a later stage this 2024.

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