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Wellbeing Coach, Facilitator and Founder of
Anxiety Unloaded Program



Vegas Scream

Anxiety Unloaded

Centred around Malcolm's unique online program(click link for more), which is an easy to follow 4-week self-guided course guaranteed (it's a full money back guarantee) to get the anxiety monkey off your back. 

The online course uses short videos, with easy-to-understand explanations of anxiety, along with simple body-centered practices for you to do each week. The videos and practices take very little time to do each day (between 10-20 mins), but they are guaranteed (there's that word again) to be life-changing. 

Silhouette with Mountains

Man Reimagined
Bali and Sumba
Men's Retreat

Taking you into, and out, of your comfort zone.

Sometimes the best way for a shift to happen is to get away from the world you know and immerse yourself in something entirely different. 

This retreat is intended to inspire, revive, reset, and challenge all men who attend in profoundly life changing ways. We guarantee that you will come out different than when you went in.

Girl in Therapy

Wellbeing Coach

Malcolm Nicholls is a bodyworker, yoga & meditation teacher with over 15 years' experience as a specialist in Hellerwork Structural Integration. It is through this work that he has developed his keen awareness of the role the body plays in anxiety, stress and depression.

He is also a leadership facilitator and has worked with leaders around the world teaching them how to get into their body and lead from a heart centered place.
As part of this he is a leader of men's work, facilitating circles & coaching. 

His expertise will break you free from any critical matter you need to address and work through.


Boys To Men

Developing the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health of our young men so that they are able to deal with challenges that they will face growing up and help them grow into good men.

This is a 3 day program where we bring men/father's together with 12-13 year old boys. Over the 3 days we challenge, empower, and inspire the boys, demonstrating positive masculinity and charting the path from childhood into adolescence and beyond.

Let’s Work Together

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