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Turning a Vision into Reality

A few years ago I believed I already had it all sorted. I was happy with the way I was spiritually evolving, becoming more conscious and aware. That was until August 2020 when I was suddenly diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia, a fast-growing cancer that can kill you within weeks. I ended up going through 6 months of intense chemotherapy, but which ended up feeling like nothing compared to what happened after I relapsed 9 months later.  Relapsing with AML meant that my only chance to live was a Stem Cell Transplant, a gift that I was given by my mother who became my donor.


Before I started the chemotherapy, and then the transplant, I tried many alternative healing practices and herbal medicines, as well as sacred rituals to help me heal my soul and body. My original intent was to see if I could heal myself from the cancer without having to go down the brutal path of chemo and the transplant. What I found was that these alternative therapies were not enough of their own. Each practice and treatment I did, both traditional Western and Eastern, was necessary for my physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing. By combining the wholeness and scientific knowledge that exists in these worlds and traditions I have been able to walk this traumatic path.

This is why I have felt called to open Choose Aroha, Wellness Eve, an online hub of authentic souls that can guide you on your healing journey by offering private sessions, workshops, and retreats, all leading you  to a life of fulfillment, authenticity and general wellbeing. Shape your life the way you truly want to live it.


Find the right one for you at this time in your life.

The journey I have been on has indeed been hard, lonely, stressful, and extremely painful at times, but I believe I have surfed it like a champion.  Never giving up, always looking for ways to keep going no matter what was happening, surrendering to the fact that I could die and not see my daughter and family again. I knew I had plenty to share with the world and I looked forward to experience life in a different way. 

I have personally worked with each one of the wonderful Souls that are part of Choose Aroha, Wellness Eve, as well as used every product. And I have witnessed the absolute wonder that can occur when we choose to experience a more sustainable life journey.

I hope you take the chance to build the life you deserve with us ... step into a life of AROHA = LOVE

Violeta Wings
Founder & Director

Sacred Senses Method

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