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Tree of life Orgonite

Tree of life Orgonite


Tree of life symbol orgonite. It is an aplifier orgonite for intentions and to boost it's energy by placing other pointers or clusters on top, that is why it has a flat top.

The Tree of Life symbolizes immortality, renewal, and rebirth. It represents oneness, connection, family, ancestry, creation and prosperity. The symbol has multiple parts: the branches represent our need for expression, the leaves represent the uniqueness of all beings in the universe, and the trunk is the symbol of strength that keeps us grounded.


As all our orgonites, It has been created with the Balinese/Hindu technique of Panca Datu (learn more) and to balance Mother Earth energy they use black tourmaline, sungite and selenite for father Akash.

All orgonites have negative ion power to boost energy as well as absorbe and neutralize artifitial electromagnetic energy (EMF - such as the ones emited by technology and electrical power sources)

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