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Protection Create healthy boundaries & shield against negative projections

Protection Create healthy boundaries & shield against negative projections


Strengthen Auric Field
Create Healthy Boundaries
& Shield Against Negative Projections


Crystal infused with Citrine, Black Tourmaline, Tiger’s Eye & Clear Quartz

Essential oils: Lavender, Lemongrass, Eucalyptus, Lime & Peppermint

  • This Auric Spray helps you clean and transmute negative vibrations and strengthen your energy field, making it vibrate at a higher and more stable frequency so denser vibrations dissolve. It acts as a shield against others’ negative projections. Create a more defined boundary between you and the world.

    Have you ever felt uncomfortable in a certain situation or place? Maybe near specific people.. Do you sometimes wish you were stronger in a particular circumstance? Or that other peoples’ comments wouldn’t affect you so deeply? Wanted to say something to defend yourself and you just couldn’t? Protection blend is the mist for you. 

    When in optimal condition an Auric field is like a shiny egg around the body.  When your Aura is overwhelmed it appears more like a sponge.. rather than being shiny and slippery it looks to be perforated and inconsistent, opening us to absorbing lower energy debris. Once you start to support your Aura it can strengthen and become more resistant to ‘absorbing’ unwanted vibrations.

    Protection Aura blend tends to become a staple of peoples’ self care routine. Protection works to increase the light held in your Aura so any negative projection coming toward you melts upon encountering your light.

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