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Let Go release unwanted emotions, habits, fears & attachments

Let Go release unwanted emotions, habits, fears & attachments


Release Unwanted Emotions, Habits, Fears and Attachments


Crystal infused with Clear Quartz, Amethyst & Sodalite.

 Aroma: Grapefruit & Cinnamon Leaf.

  • Our energy field has a certain capacity and volume. Often it is time to free up some space by releasing that which no longer serves us, thus creating more space for new things to come. To let go of something organically would be to heal an emotion or feeling by acknowledging it in order to peacefully release it.

    Many times there is fear behind these attachments, and fear tends to hold on to the known, rather than trust and let go to allow the new. Have you ever found yourself having recurring images and thoughts about certain situations, and you wish they would stop? Do you ever have repetitive thoughts about past relationships or experiences, which don’t seem to dissipate with time? The origin of our fears are sometimes difficult to pinpoint, and until they’re released from deep within, they tend to recur.

    This Aura Spray helps release unwanted emotions, habits, fears and attachments.

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