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Grounding Feel present, balance & empowered. Anchor confidence & strength

Grounding Feel present, balance & empowered. Anchor confidence & strength





Crystal infused with Black Tourmaline, Smoky Quartz, Hematite & Clear Quartz


Essential oils Vanilla & Clove Bud


  • Grounding Aura spray prevents us from staggering in difficult situations by activating and strengthening the lower Chakras (especially the Root Chakra). Enhances flow in our daily routine, replacing fear with confidence, stability and strength.

    Visualise the roots of a tree penetrating into the ground, forming a connection where one is the natural extension of the other. This is the objective of Grounding – creating a connection to our mother, the earth, to bring us more stability and strength in our daily lives.

    As with a house, it’s critical to develop a solid foundation. And similarly, when you are developing Spiritually, you need a strong foundation from which to extend and successfully grow. The deeper the roots, the higher the branches – being deeply grounded in yourself allows you to more easily raise your spirit and elevate your experience of life.

    Lines of energy emanate from the sky, passing through us and into the ground. When these lines of energy are cut, our experiences don’t pass through and instead get stuck. This is why the connection of these lines is so important. If we accumulate too much baggage it disrupts the flow of energy from the astral through us to the earth.

    This flow of energy is worth taking care of. Mother Earth is always there to receive what we have to give (eg. fear, anger… whatever you have excess of). When we release, she receives. Far from resenting our rubbish falling to her, she accepts our energies willingly, converting anything we give back to its original pure state. Grounding Aura Blend re-establishes this healthy connection and flow. Mother Earth has a very stable pulse and rhythm.. connecting to this is a very comforting experience, helping us slow down and enjoy life at an easier pace.

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