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Grape Agate

Grape Agate


It's small components provide numerous perspectives and are the key to understanding the solution to everything you deserve. Embrace and believe without reservations.


Self esteem booster

Attracts prosperity

Improves intelectual skills, awareness and focus

Calming and sustaing stone

Promotes spiritual equilibrium

Aids cleanse of chakras or anxious ideas from our mind

Assists aa clear comprehesion of our vision

Aids restful sleep

Harmonize our health, intellect, feelings and soul.

Assists compassion and good will in the usears hearts and thoughts. Turns negative attitued into one of happiness. Reduces our ego and dispels terrible feelings and experiences.

Improves indicatos of dread, alertness and unsafe sensations

Promotes guide in life


HEALTH  - Boosts intestinal tract, alleviates ulcers

Improves brain performance

Increast intellectual vitality and heals joints, spleen and liver


SPIRITUAL - Develops the third eye. Promotes we can trust our innate knowledge and solutions


CHAKRA - Crown and Third eye

  • Lenght: 9 cm

    height: 4 cm

    Width: 7 cm

    Weight: 221 grams

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