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Bumblebee Jasper (Carved)

Bumblebee Jasper (Carved)


Live your life to the fullest with this magical stone. It will transform your mind into a place of positivity and confidence. This stone is a Master of transformation.


Can wipe away dark energy to improve yoru emotional and spiritual health.


Is a talisman that constantly protects from dark energy. It's natural healing protects from anxiety & depression.  Assists you in finding your purpose and gives you the enjoyment to fight for it.


Helps you be more present and rested. Is great for tough days at work. Ensures that you are free to live your life as you please.


PHYSICAL BODY: Special stone for chronic fatigue and trauma. Influences our inmmune system. Heals physical pain, aches and sores. May do wonders with allergies and digestive problems.

It's thought to ease pain and discomfort allowing you to experience relief in your sinuses and throughout your gastrointestinal tract.


CHAKRAS: Solar plexus - Sacral

Aligns chakras and keeps your emotions balanced. Keeps the Solar plexus at check which is our centre of personal power.


DISCLAIMER: This is not a stone for elexirs, no suitable for consumption and keep way from your face and water.


  • Weight: 19grams

    Lenght: 4.7cm

    Width: 7mm

    height: 5cm

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