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See Beyond Bali

Created By Evelyn Aispurua and Elizabeth Verhaag

This is a summary of what our intended non profit organization will assist with: 


Our main focus is on assisting the local community and business owners in understanding the appropriate LAWS for those under legal full-time employment.

This idea has come as a consequence of experiencing the unconscious, uncaring, and predatory ways in which some people have used the Indonesian Citizens in employment in Bali and the rest of Indonesia. Myself, coming from Argentina, a third world country that suffers this same form of abuse, see this happening everywhere and wish to bring change and help those that are unable to do anything regarding employment exploitation.

Focusing on what's next:

- Assist the communities to become aware of the employment laws already established in indonesia. This will be implemented by meeting the different Heads of the many Banjars in Bali, and with their permission, delivering the information through their communities.

- Assist business owners to become aware of the employment laws already established in indonesia. We will support their implementation, and supply options, to get their businesses up to the legal standards.

- Certify those establishments that have been, or are from this moment onwards, supporting fair employment aligned to Indonesia Manpower Employment Laws.


This Certification will be part of a new way in identifying establishments that not only look after their employees, but are willing to go the extra mile and care about their future.

It is time to See Beyond and empower the local communities to receive what is their legal right. For True Centre Bali is important we contribute to the fair side of the coin, while we manifest your wellness retreats and healing travel experience we will only focus in working with those willing to make the change.



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